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Stronghold HD

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MD5: 745AB9CCDF9D67C70FA0C1701A8713CE

Stronghold HD (Polskie)

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MD5: 0A1A784EE1CB223F3532B25CFD99FBAB

Patch Notes:

Stronghold v1.41

The Stronghold v1.41 patch fixes the following...
  • All versions now use Unicode for multiplayer.
  • Added support for Simplified Chinese.
  • Japanese version now uses Mieryo font.
  • Documents path override system added to allow players to use a different folder for config files, maps and saves.
  • Fixed a 17 year old typo (Ethlered > Ethelred) :-)

Stronghold v1.4

The Stronghold v1.4 patch fixes the following...
  • Support for two additional resolutions requested by players.
  • Fixed an issue where archers would fire into the ground.
  • Fixed some map crashes.
  • The Polish, Japanese and Brazilian versions of Stronghold HD now also contain maps of Poland, Japan and Brazil in place of the UK map in the original game's campaign UI.

Stronghold v1.3.1

The Stronghold v1.3.1 patch fixes the following...
  • The patch can now be installed, even if it cannot auto-detect the game.
  • Fixed a crash when selecting troops in the map editor.
  • Fixed overlapping worker text bug in the information panels.

Stronghold v1.3

The Stronghold v1.3 patch fixes the following...
  • This patch upgrades Stronghold to the new HD version
  • Added support for resolutions of up to 2560x1600, a huge increase from the previous cap of 1024x768.
  • Stronghold now runs in DirectDraw compatibility mode on Windows 8 which means the scrolling is a bit smoother.

Stronghold v1.2

The Stronghold v1.2 patch fixes the following...
  • Grouping troops using the CTRL and number key now works correctly.
  • When pouring boiling oil onto buildings and siege equipment they will be set on fire.
  • Apple trees will no longer spawn extra trees.
  • When attacking an enemy castle (during a single player game) you can no longer use 'attack here' to kill the enemy archers on towers at a distance without taking any damage.
  • A newer version of the copy protection system is used on this patch. This should solve some problems, such as: Clicking on the Play button, the CD Spins and Icon or Logo appears and then Stronghold returns to the desktop.
  • When disease starts to disperse, it is now less dangerous.
  • When your own troops are standing next to a Ballista when it fires, they will no longer be killed by it.
  • When task switching in windows, the in game speech will no longer play.
  • Ordering multiple siege towers to the same spot on an enemy wall will now only dock the first one to arrive.
  • An issue has been fixed where the deer would become stuck in certain situations.
  • Archers & crossbowmen now automatically target dogs of war once they have been released from their cages.
  • To build dogs of war now costs double the amount of gold & requires 10 wood.
  • A crash has been fixed which occurred when dragging out large amounts of pitch.
  • Clicking on pitch titles using the 'don't dig' command no longer effects the pitch tile.
  • Placing a moat template no longer removes the dirt on the ground.
  • Archers no longer target unmanned catapults, allowing you to commandeer them.
  • The repair button becomes faded when the enemy is nearby.
  • The ghost that appears occasionally no longer counts towards your current population count.
  • When you have enough weapons to create troops in the barracks, you will no longer receive the 'weapons needed' message.
  • Various good and bad things can be burnt and have health bars.
  • Switching the sound off in the tutorial paragraphs no longer automatically skips messages that have a skip button.
  • Fixed a Siege weapon ammo cheat.
  • Gatehouses can now be built on the 'defending the homeland' map.
  • Quarry grunts will stay nearby to quarries.
  • The enemy will shoot at tunnellers.
  • The 'cancel game' error message (in multiplayer), which appears when a resync occurs, is now less easy to accidentally click on.
  • Fixed a range issue when firing cows.
  • The stockpile now correctly states the amount of pitch you have available.

Stronghold v1.1

The Stronghold v1.1 patch fixes the following...
  • Mission 13 bug fixed - Building walls to the edge of the map in mission 13 would sometimes cause the game to crash.
  • Several bugs that caused the game to 'lose connection' during a multiplayer game have been fixed.
  • You are now unable to build within the radius of the signpost where attacking enemies enter the map.
  • Fixed an occasional routing slowdown problem.
  • If ten or more engineers manned the smelter and then the smelter was selected again the game would crash.
  • When allied players win a multiplayer game, the team victory is now reported correctly.
  • Fixed a problem where sometimes catapults got stuck.
  • A couple of issues with stuck peasants are now fixed.
  • Three new mini animations (binks) files have been added: when the Jester comes into the game, when fires start, when food is stolen from the Granary.
  • When selecting hard or very hard on mission 18 the battering ram is no longer removed.
  • Unlimited amount of moat can no longer be built in the 'siege that' builder mode.
  • The amount of troops that can enter a turret or a tower is now limited depending on the size of the tower.
  • Various other bugs have been addressed.
  • Several multiplayer maps have been rebalanced.

PLEASE NOTE: These patches will not work with the Steam versions. Steam versions are updated automatically to the most recent version.

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